BULLET HEAD 1AB – Black Head

From: $21.95

1AB Green Head
Length 7.5”
Weight 1.5 Oz
Unrigged: $21.95
Rigged: $26.95



The BULLET HEAD Models 1AB. 2AB and 3AB Black Head are heavier than the Jet Head and move quietly through the water darting in & out, and up and down. These lures are going to run just below the surface, so keep your colors light & bright. The “BULLET SERIES” is nice for your outriggers because it has less drag and still allows you to rig it with a small Ballyhoo or Bellystrip. Skirt colors for the Black head are: Black and Red (shown), Black and Purple, Black and Pink, Double Chartreuse and Green.

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Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Red, Double Chartreuse/Green


Rigged, Unrigged