TSS Stainless Steel Tuna Stick

From: $27.95

MODEL TSS – Stainless Steel Tuna Stick
Length 6”
Weight 10 oz.
Rigged: $38.95
Length 4″
Weight: 4.25 Oz
Rigged: $27.95


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We’re talkin’ High-Speed. With the additional weight this lure has, it allows you to hit those 10-12 knots. Set up in the center rigger spot, this one is gonna run deeper while still providing the elusive characteristics of a Bait fish. It’s a great compliment to your power spread allowing you to target fish at different levels of the water column at the same time. Rigging recommendation: 1-10/0 ‘needle’ eye hook and designed for use with 6’ – 275# braided cable.

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4", 6"